About Full Circle Flyers.

his blog was started in 2011 after I moved from North Queensland to Tasmania as a means of keeping in contact with my old control line mates and so that they could see what was happening down here in Tassie.  This blog site used to block search engines and could be accessed by typing in key words such as full circle flyers, control line, etc.

Full Circle Flyers was intended to be a private, by invitation only, blog site but other sites now have links to this site and the audience is expanding. It was not intended to be a professional, high bling site but to be a place where you can display your C/L activities and have a bit of fun.

The name Full Circle Flyers must be credited to Bob McKenzie, who told me the name several years ago. The reasoning behind it was that he and I, and others, began aeromodelling with Control Line flying many years ago and gradually progressed to Radio Control, finally returning to Control Line, thus coming “Full Circle” in aeromodelling.
The logo was designed by Alan Beggs and myself.

My other interests – History of aeromodelling in Australia, Tether Cars, Round The Pole, Free Flight – are also included to a lesser extent. I am not currently active in these pursuits, but always interested in any news, photos, etc.

Readers of this site are encouraged to upload photos, hints & tips, or anything to do with the above modeling activities. I can be contacted at johnmoody@westnet.com.au
Also, you can leave a comment on any posting. Nothing nasty, please! (All comments are required to be approved by me before being displayed on the blog).

I hope you find some things of interest to you. Please check back regularly for new postings. Enjoy. 

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